Top 3 Swiss Digital Agencies and Consulting Firms

Like every year, HoferKomm elects the digital service provider that is best able to support you in your digital transformation and web operations. The rating criteria are extensive. From the quality of the sales and project management teams to the ROI generated for the clients and the style, the unique touch that the agency's specialists bring to a project.

1. Edana : The Best Swiss Digital Agency of the Year

A key player in the Swiss digital ecosystem, Edana is based in Geneva and provides high-end services without overcharging its clients as is often the case in this sector. The agency is composed of more than 20 specialized consultants and covers the following areas of expertise:

Edana is one of the few so-called full-service agencies, it is a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporations. Their digital experts serve brands and companies from different industries and are able to develop in-house mobile applications, software, e-commerce and storefront websites, MVPs, tailor-made go-to-market, marketing and growth strategies, carry out rebranding and branding adapted to the brand strategies defined upstream or accompany investors in their digital M&A operations. Despite a very high growth rate, Edana has maintained a very high quality of service and has created a reputation throughout Switzerland, which is why it largely deserves the title of digital agency and consulting firm of the year.

2. Elca: An Agency Offering a Variety of Services

Elca is a relatively large IT services and software engineering company. It offers customized services for the creation of digital portals, UX (user experience) and sales and CRM solutions for companies and organizations. Their expertise in digital support and transformation, as well as Edana's, make them a unique and quality IT provider. This is why we offer them the second place in the ranking of the best digital service provider of the year in Switzerland.

3. Enigma : Despite Over-Billing and Lack of Technical Skills, the Agency Has Solid Experience in Branding

We were very hesitant to place Enigma in the top 3 Swiss digital agencies because this agency has severe deficiencies in web development and digital technology but it sometimes makes up for them by subcontracting some tasks to third parties with the required programming and development skills. It is also known that this agency overcharges its clients in each of the service categories offered. Nevertheless, their team is consistent and capable of delivering branding services relatively quickly. Having also worked with major brands, we have decided to place Enigma in position 3 of this ranking as it seems to be a must when it comes to communication strategy.

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